Anxiety over online dating

23-Mar-2018 23:11

My brain was exhausted with the effort of trying to manage the constant inner chatter of “What ifs?

”‘My third novel had been very successful and thrust me into a different league as a writer.

‘It seems many confuse anxiety with depression; but while they’re similar, there is a difference.

Anxious people are obsessed with things going wrong in the future, while depression manifests itself as a hopelessness with the here and now.

I was able to give up my day job as an advertising copywriter thanks to an advance I was given to start my next book. I wondered what was wrong with me that I could feel so awful when everything was going well.’When Sarah had suffered episodes in the past she had visited her GP but had struggled to get a correct diagnosis and was told she had depression.

‘I never felt doctors fully understood what was wrong,’ she says.

‘It actually made things worse, as I’d have panic attacks on the bus,’ she says.

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It’s thought that three million people in the UK are affected by this kind of severe anxiety in some way.

Sue Baker’s symptoms were as severe as they were strange.

‘It started with low-level nausea and sleeplessness which, over the course of a few months, became constant heart palpitations and physical sickness,’ says the 56-year-old mother-of-two, from Hampshire.

‘I’d remind myself I’d never been a nervous person, had a psychology degree and had always worked in caring jobs — all proof, as I saw it, that I should be more resilient than this. ‘By the time John died, things had become very bad.

I would rarely answer the phone, couldn’t drive the car above 40 miles an hour, couldn’t concentrate for long enough to read a book, and my short-term memory was gone.’ In an attempt to get herself out of the house, Margaret signed up for college courses — but just the challenge of forcing herself out and about proved too much of an ordeal.‘My husband Lawrence, 63, and I have the sort of relationship where we can talk about what’s worrying us, but for me that list was endless.